Hyunjin Noh, Ph.D.


Education and Training

B.S. Microbiology. PUSAN NATIONAL UNIVERSITY, Pusan, Republic of Korea

Ph.D. Biomedical Science. AJOU UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE, Suwon, Republic of Korea
• Field: Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, and Necroptosis
• Mentor: You-Sun Kim, Ph.D.

In the Najafov Lab, my research focuses on molecular mechanisms of necroptosis, one form of immunogenic cell death, and their implications in disease pathogenesis. My current interest lies in elucidating fundamental mechanisms to regulate necroptosis via key protein modification by metabolites that control the cell death and regulate immune response.

Awards and Honors

• 2023 University President’s Award, Ajou University
• 2020 Listed "People Who Enhanced Korea's International Fame" section, Biological Research Information Center (BRIC)


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