Shehreen Amjad, Ph.D.


Education and Training

Bachelor’s in Bioinformatics, Comsats Institute of Information and Technology (Islamabad, Pakistan)
Masters & Ph.D. integrated in Animal Science and Technology, Chung Ang University (Anseong South Korea)

In the Najafov Lab, my focus is on molecular and signaling pathways involved in necroptosis. My previous research was focused on the impact of various phthalate combinations on male fertility, focusing on sperm receptors and to conduct multigenerational and transgenerational studies on the impact of phthalates and BPA on male mice. My findings highlighted specific mechanisms and pathways through which these environmental pollutants influence sperm function. Additionally, the transgenerational study suggested that the impact may be transmitted through epigenetic changes (DNA methylation) rather than direct alterations in the DNA sequence. My PhD work contributed to our understanding of the reproductive effects of common environmental pollutants on male fertility.


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